VermaPlex Black Casting 40 Lb

VermaPlex Black Casting 40 Lb


Black Castings are Mother Nature's Purest form of slow release natural organic plant food produced by earthworms. Derived from a proprietary process and blend of pure organics, Black Castings are raised in a controlled vermiculture feeding process and microbial enhancements, resulting in a consistent, bio-diverse, living organic fertilizer and conditioner for safe use in everything that grows. No human, animal, or food wastes are used in the process. Black Castings poses no risks to the end user. No Odor!

A New Dimension of Sustainable Soil & Plant Growth:

  • Our earthworms produce Optimum, Organic Fertilizer for anything that grow.
  • Highest Organic Quality Compost Food Chain (No Animal or Food Waste or Yard Clippings)
  • Not Contaminated by Any Soil or Compost Blends
  • Free of E. Coli and Salmonella
  • 99.6% Pure Worm Castings, OMRI Listed
  • Contains No Worms or Worm Eggs!

Sustainable Benefits:

  • Stabilizes soil pH, builds excellent root zone
  • Promotes vigorous plant growth, flowering, brix & abundant yields
  • Non-Invasive, won't burn plants, increases soil health
  • Zero ground water contamination & no nitrogen run-off
  • Builds a natural competitive exclusion to pests and diseases
  • Increases drought resistance in plants and trees
  • Residual inorganic nitrogen and slow release nitrogen is more available, improving fertilizer efficiency
  • A little goes a long way (Great results from a small amount)
  • Slow release, less applications needed, cost effective

Item Number: 139650
Universal Product Code: 853853002307
Manufacturer: Vermitechnology Unlimited
Manufacturer's Part Number: 724285
Brand: VermaPlex

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