Powerhouse Ballast 1000 Watt Convertible (Hal/Sod)

Powerhouse Ballast 1000 Watt Convertible (Hal/Sod)


Use halide for growing and sodium for flowering, all in the same system! Hydrofarm's Powerhouse convertible ballasts feature engineered transformers made to the exacting American National Standards Institute specifications. They are designed to drive either halide or sodium bulbs properly with separate wire leads. They are marked according to UL standards for use with either bulb. We pair this engineered unit with our heavy duty multi-pole switch for the ultimate in safety and reliability - the convertibles you can count on!


  • Transformers engineered to the exacting American National Standards Institute (ANSI) specifications
  • Designed to drive either halide or sodium bulbs properly with separate wire leads
  • 8-year warranty on ballast electrical components

Ballast Size: 11.5" (13.5" w/handle) x 7.5" x 8.5"


Weight:40.2 lbs.
Package Dimensions:16.2L x 10.9W x 9.5H
Rated Wattage:1000
Rated Amperage:9.5
Wire Gauge (AWG):16/3
Warranty:8 Year

Q:Will my dual voltage 120/240V ballast operate on 208V or 277V?
A:Our Xtrasun and SG Lite magnetic ballasts currently only have 120V & 240V capability. Our Powerhouse ballasts are wired for 120V and 240V, but have the capability to be rewired to 208V or 277V. If you already have a Hydrofarm ballast, consult a certified electrician to rewire this for you. For warranty coverage, ballasts with these voltages will need to be special ordered.
Q:Are my ballasts Generator-Ready?
A:All of the ballasts we sell are generator-ready. Generator ready ballasts include: Xtrasun ballasts, Phantom ballasts, Nano ballasts, and Super Grow ballasts
Q:I have a 1000W ballast, can I use a 400W or 600W bulb in it?
A:As a general rule, ballasts can only be used with bulbs that are of the same wattage rating. A 1000W ballast can only be used with a 1000W bulb, a 400W with a 400W, etc.
Q:Can an HPS ballast be used to power a metal halide bulb?
A:This is never recommended, the ballast and bulb type (wattage and HID bulb type) must match. Convertible ballasts, however, can be switched between MH and HPS modes. There is also the option of using a conversion bulb. This is a bulb that is designed to produce a MH spectrum on a HPS ballasts, or vice versa. Phantom digital ballasts can ignite HPS or MH bulbs, except for the 750W model, which is meant only for HPS.

Item Number: 139767
Universal Product Code: 638104575706
Manufacturer: Hydrofarm
Manufacturer's Part Number: PH57370
Brand: Powerhouse


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