Ez-Clone Water Replacement Pump 800 Gph For 64 & 128 Units

Ez-Clone Water Replacement Pump 800 Gph For 64 & 128 Units


These are replacement pumps for your EZ-Clone units. Excellent quality pumps with minimal heat output.

Important Safeguards

Your EZ-CLONE water pump must always be submerged. Your EZ-CLONE water pump is designed for pumping water only. Do not pump any other liquids or solids. Always disconnect your EZ-CLONE water pump from its power supply before cleaning or working on your EZ-CLONE Cloning System or other system.

Your pump is supplied with a grounded cord type. To reduce the risk of electric shock be certain that the pump is plugged into a grounded receptacle. Do not operate your pump is the power cord is damaged. Do not remove the cord or strain relief.

Item Number: 139820
Universal Product Code: 953229001443
Manufacturer: EZ-Clone
Manufacturer's Part Number: 953229001436
Brand: Ez Clone

List Price: $89.95
Price: $65.09
You Save: $24.86

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