Cocogro Plug 50 Cell Tray Kit

Cocogro Plug 50 Cell Tray Kit


Premium coco coir plant starters

Cocogro® Cloning Plugs naturally maintain the ideal air to water ratio for accelerating rooting time and establishing vigorous clones.

  • Ideal for transplanting into coco, soil and hydroponics.
  • Made with premium high pith, double washed buffered coconut coir.
  • Ready to use and Ph balanced
  • Contains no peat

Cocogro Cloning Plugs vs the competition:

  • Clones need air to form roots quickly. Cocogro Cloning Plugs provide more oxygen to the root zone than competing plugs which can become over saturated. This increased air to water ratio decreases rooting times and promotes explosive growth of new roots.
  • Due to the natural strength of coco coir, Cocogro Cloning Plugs retain their structure and won't degrade or fall apart like competing rooting plugs.
  • Completely peat free. Peat based products commonly harbor mold and pathogens. The excessive moisture content in competing peat based plugs creates an anaerobic (oxygen deprived) environment which leads to the growth of algae and stem rot.
  • Because Cocogro Cloning Plugs are 100% coco coir based, they will not become water logged like the competing plugs.
  • Cocogro Cloning Plugs are fortified with worm castings, to establish strong and vigorous clones.
  • Cocogro Cloning Plugs are easy to rehydrate, even if they completely dry out. Other plugs become deformed and shrink when this occurs.
Contains: Coconut coir, worm castings, and silica powder

Item Number: 139821
Universal Product Code: 757900822507
Manufacturer: Botanicare

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