Uber Hi-Q 1 Liter (0-0-0.02)

Uber Hi-Q 1 Liter (0-0-0.02)


What is it?

Hi-Q is a unique foliar spray based on modified antioxidants that protects and preserves the quality of your plants essential oils - giving you a crop of unrivalled quality.

How it works

Hi-Q works via a unique process utilizing a cyclodextrin encapsulation technology that allows us to deliver a fat soluble form of Vitamin C directly inside your plants essential oils. This form of Vitamin C is normally insoluble in water but when combined with our cyclodextrin technology becomes both water and fat soluble - allowing us to dissolve it in water and then deliver it inside the essential oils of your plant.

How does it benefit me?

1) Hi-Q powerfully protects your plants essential oils during that critical last week of flowering.
2) Hi-Q generates a noticeable difference in quality - quality you can experience!
3) Hi-Q delivers you the highest quality yield possible - giving you the edge on your competition.
4) Remember when everything else is equal - quality always wins!

Item Number: 139952
Universal Product Code: 847127009697
Manufacturer: Uber

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