3 in 1 Disease Control RTU

3 in 1 Disease Control RTU


  • Kills fungus, insects, and mites.
  • For indoor and outdoor plants.
  • In 24 oz. RTU spray bottle
Earth-tone pesticides offer effective answers to the gardener's toughest challenges. Whether the problem is slugs, snails, or insects, Espoma has an effective solution available.

For use on:
Roses, flowers, ornamentals trees and shrubs, vegetables, fruits, nuts and houseplants.

For control of fungal diseases: Controls a wide range of fungai diseases including: black spot, powdery mildew, rust, scab, blight, brown rot and leaf spot. Thoroughly spray all areas of the plant, especially new shoots. For best control apply as a protective spray early in the season before the diseases are noticed. Re-spray every 7 to 10 days or after rain. May be used up to the day of harvest.

For control of insects/mites: Controls wide range of pests including aphids, mites, spider mites, leafhoppers, caterpillars, whiteflies, spittlebugs, mealybugs, scale, thrips, psyllids, plant bugs, lacebugs, fruit flies and earwigs.
Thoroughly spray all areas of the plant, especially new shoots and underside of leaves. Pest need to ne contacted by the spray to be controlled.

Item Number: 139980
Universal Product Code: 050197501248
Manufacturer: The Espoma Company


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