Monterey Sluggo 10 Lb

Monterey Sluggo 10 Lb


For Organic Gardening

  • Kills Snails & Slugs
  • Can be used around pets & wildlife
  • Iron phosphate occurs in soil
  • Easy-to-use granular formulation
  • Remains effective after rain or sprinkling
  • May be used up to & including day of harvest
What is Sluggo?
Sluggo is an organic product used to control slugs and snails. It was developed in Europe and offers an effective alternative to traditional snail and slug baits based on metaldehyde. The active ingredient in Sluggo is iron phosphate, which is actually a plant nutrient.

What are the advantages of using Sluggo?
  • Sluggo can be used around pets and wildlife without fear affecting other animals.
  • It remains effective after rainfall or irrigation
  • It can be used in vegetable gardens throughout the growing season and up to the day of harvest
  • Any product not consumed by the slugs and snails will biodegrade in the soil back to fertilizer (iron and phosphate).
How does Sluggo work?
Sluggo is attractive to snails and slugs and lures them from their hiding places. Once it is consumed they stop feeding on plant material and die within 3-6 days. Unlike metaldehyde baits, dead snails may not be visible since they crawl back to hiding places to die. Sluggo is slower acting than other baits but once eaten plant damage will stop immediately.

Where can I use Sluggo?
Sluggo can be used in all areas in the garden; vegetable gardens, ornamental plantings, groundcovers, fruit and citrus trees, berries, lawn areas, greenhouses, etc.

How and when should I apply?

Since snails and slugs feed mostly at night, evening is the best time to apply Sluggo. Apply bait evenly at 1 lb. per 2,000 sq. ft. which equals 1 teaspoon per 2 square yards. Re-apply bait as it is consumed. Scatter the bait around or near plants. For potted plants apply ½ teaspoon per 9 inch pot.

Item Number: 140032
Universal Product Code: 022179101203
Manufacturer: Monterey Lawn and Garden Products


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