VermaPlex Gallon

VermaPlex Gallon


Apply VermaPlex® as a drench or spray to your orchards & vineyards, agriculture & turf, gardens & nurseries and enjoy amazing results. For soil and soil-less gardening and needs no aeration!

VermaPlex®: All Natural Organic Specialty Fertilizer:

  • Derived Entirely from 100% Organic Matter 1st processed by Pure Black Castings
  • It provides nutrients to the foliage
  • Highest Organic Quality Compost Food Chain (No Animal or Food Waste, Yard Clippings or Petroleum)

Sustainable Benefits:

  • Greatly Reduces Water & Fertilizer Costs - Stabilizes Soil pH
  • Builds Excellent Root Zone, Drought Resistance & Won't Burn Plants!
  • Promotes Vigorous Plant Growth, Flowering, Brix & Abundant Yields
  • VermaPlex┬« will not leach or contaminate the water table.
  • Has 2 Year Shelf Life!!
  • A Little Goes a Long Way
  • Are the culmination of over 30 years of Slow Transition from Composting to Vermicomposting
  • Used with Companion Black Castings is a Sustainable Method of Plant Care
  • Non-Toxic Environmentally Safe for Indoor & Outdoor Use
  • Children & Pets Can Play After Applications
  • Developed by Larry Martin world renowned Vermiculturalist, Vermicomposting
  • Expert: Owner & Founder of Vermitechnology Unlimited

Applications: (1) dip the roots of all transplants before planting (2) Spray the foliage and the soil surface aroung plants as needed. (3) Spray lawn & shrubs after each cutting (4) Spray foliage of stressed plants as needed.

1) Spray foliage & soil surface around plants: Mix 4 oz. VermaPlex to 1 Gal. of water every 14 days

2) Drench after application of Black Castings: Mix 2 oz. VermaPlex to 1 Gal. of water every 10 days

3) Hydro Applications: Mix 1 Qt. per 100 Gal. tank or 1.5 Qt. per 200 Gal. tank. Repeat every tank change as needed. *Foliar spray: 4 oz. per 1 Gal., (per month) begin @ 6 to 8 in. growth. A) Repeat @ 3rd & 4th leaf B) 20"-24" growth C) Before flowering.

Item Number: 140035
Universal Product Code: 853853002024
Manufacturer: Vermitechnology Unlimited
Manufacturer's Part Number: 724205
Brand: VermaPlex


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