VermaPlex Black Sea Kelp Gallon

VermaPlex Black Sea Kelp Gallon

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Soil gives plants more than just structural support. Teeming with beneficial microbes that help plants extract nutrients from the environment and defend themselves against disease-causing pathogens. Provides nutrition, in the form of a balanced blend of seaplant derived nutrients including: Amino acids, Humic acid, Fulvic acid, Colloidal minerals, Sea kelp extracts. It also contains natural rooting hormones that improve root length, root mass, and the efficiency of the root system. Stimulates root growth and beneficial microbe activity, allowing plants to absorb nutrients more efficiently. Maximizes the effect of existing fertility programs. Is long lasting, reducing the need for repeated applications, making Black Sea Kelp very cost-effective. Is 100% organic and derived from sustainably-farmed seaweed.

Item Specifications
Item Number: 140171
Universal Product Code: 853853002215
Manufacturer: Vermitechnology Unlimited
Brand: VermaPlex

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