Myco2 Mushroom Bag - Bloom


Highest CO2 output of any CO2 bag on the market
Always Fresher than Exhale, EZCO2, and other factory activated bags
MyCO2 Bloom is CUSTOMER ACTIVATED with Rapid CO2 generating Oyster Mushroom Mycelium

One bag per box of Fruits Edible Oyster Mushrooms

Brief Description:

* One CO2 bag provides enough carbon dioxide for flowering plants in a 4ft x 4ft grow tent with cycled exhaust. Used during the Flower stage. We recommend safely placing multiple MyCO2 generators above the highest level of your plants to insure they receive the CO2 as it is generated.

Unlike all the other CO2 bags that "come cultivating CO2 even before you get out of the checkout line," MyCO2 has the patent pending customer activation technology, postponing the CO2 cultivation until you get it home and are ready to use it.

Every MyCO2 comes with a safety hanger / light shielding boxes which increase efficiency and prolongs the CO2 output of the product.

Every MyCO2 has a true shelf life of 60 days and are 100% END USER ACTIVATED!


Q: Have you ever tested your product for exactly how much CO2 comes out the filter patch on average?

A: Yes we have, and we conduct this very same test at trade shows, customer appreciation barbecues, and in store demonstrations when we travel the globe gaining retail partners. The test is simple. We place a single MyCO2 BLOOM, seven days after it's activation, inside a 1 cubic foot air tight transparent chamber that also has a Titan Atlas 6 CO2 Monitor inside. The results are usually immediate. The CO2 monitor starts to climb and is usually well into the 6000′s after about 8 to 10 minutes. Afterward we remove the MyCO2, wait for the chamber to clear, then replace it with whatever competitor bag they may already have in stock and wait… and wait… and wait..

What we have found by conducting this test over and over is that on a conservative average a MyCO2 BLOOM will generate ~3000 PPM every six minutes for the 60 day CO2 output life of the product.

And that our MyCO2 GROW bags generate ~1000 ppm every 15 minutes for the 180 day life of the product on average.

Q: Is this thing Organic?

A: MyCO2 Products are manufactured at a commercial mushroom farm in Moss Landing, California that is certified organic by CCOF

Item Number: 140345
Universal Product Code: 849969014723
Manufacturer: Fungivore Mushrooms
Manufacturer's Part Number: HGC749400
Brand: Myco2


pdf file MSDS Sheet
pdf file FAQ's
pdf file Mushroom Fruiting Instructions
pdf file Activation Instructions

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MYCo2 Activation

How MyC02 Work

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