Quick Stake Plant Support 4/Pack

Quick Stake Plant Support 4/Pack


Designed by professionals and made from durable material, the Quick Stake Plant Support is Master Gardener approved. Quick Stake is a fast and simple way to train and support branches for your container garden, resulting in healtier plants and increased yield.

Complete branch control is a necessity for the high level grower. Quick Stake Plant Supports allow for you to choose the exact location and angle of every branch in your garden.

Quick Stake Benefits
  • Reusable and easy to install at any stage of plant growth.
  • Increase fruit yield per square foot.
  • Put the branch were you want it.
  • No more holes in your canopy.
  • Eliminates locking your plants in with trellising. No more spider web of strings catching on you moving around your garden!
  • Only 6" of soil penetration is needed to create a solid anchor.
  • Anchors in any medium.
  • Quick Stake not affect PH of the soil, eliminating a common problem among other common support devices (i.e. metal tomato cages).

Installing a Quick Stake

  1. Install Vertical Stake in Soil.
  2. Adjust Horizontal Stake Height and Secure with Cam.
  3. Adjust Angle of Horizontal Arm and Secure Cam.
  4. Secure Branch with Twist-Tie or Equivalent.

Guide to Simple High Yield Gardening

  1. Clean up lower branches that will not get light.
  2. Choose main branches to concentrate light on.
  3. Install Quick Stake on main branches.
  4. Check weekly adjust as needed.
Each stake is 36" tall with a 12" arm.

Item Number: 140386
Universal Product Code: 853800004002
Manufacturer: Quick Stake Plant Support

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