HydroRush Water Oxygenator 2.5 Gallon (CA Label)

HydroRush Water Oxygenator 2.5 Gallon (CA Label)


HydroRush is a safe and ready to use Water Treatment root growth stimulator. Fast growing bright white roots means better nutrient uptake, healthier plants and faster yields. Proven effective at stimulating beneficial microbial populations in the root zone to enhance the process that releases oxygen and other nutrients.

**Not recommended for use after the initial 2 weeks of the bloom cycle.**

  • Accelerated White Root Developement
  • Enhanced Nutrient Uptake
  • Increased Efficiency Of Aeration
  • Prevents Anaerobic Conditions
  • Eliminates Rotten Egg Odor
  • Provides Microbial Food Sources Allowing Beneficial Microbes To Live Longer And Stay Healthier
How HydroRush Works

HydroRush is a safe microbial nutrient that is used as an electron acceptor by microbes (bacteria) to oxidize itself in your Hydroponic Water System. This process is called anoxic-respiration.

It is during this process that HydroRush acts as a Bio Stimulant that Hyper-Accelerates the activity of abundant beneficial microbes that in turn provides beneficial Oxygen.

When Oxygen becomes available, it triggers a beneficial respiration process that is vitally important in the growth of hair roots.

This is how HydroRush accelerates root growth and plant health.

HydroRush is long lasting and will not dissipate quickly over time providing an excellent nutrient source for your beneficial microbes.

Our formula enhances efficient nutrient uptake through your new abundant roots for faster growing plants over a longer period of time.

When more Oxygen becomes available:

  • Beneficial respiration process occurs promoting prolific facultative microbial growth
  • Increased biomass of beneficial organisms
  • Increased microbial activity helps release "locked-up" nutrients; increasing availability for root uptake and utilization
  • Longevity in microbial availability
  • Efficient nutrient uptake
  • Helps prevent anaerobic and harmful pathogenic microbes (bacteria) from forming
  • Bright White Roots
  • Helps prevent Root Rot
  • Prolong the life of Compost Teas

Item Number: 140600
Universal Product Code: 728028128499
Manufacturer: Plant Tech Marketing, LLC

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