Vital Earth's Coco Lite 2.0 cu ft

Vital Earth's Coco Lite 2.0 cu ft

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Vital Earth's® Clean Shredded Coco Pith is a 100% natural growing medium that is naturally dried in the sun and then processed to produce Vital Earth's® Shredded Coco Pith®. When perilite and our mycorrhizal blend is added, this makes an excellent mix for growing medium for container plant growing or as a medium for hydroponics.

Derived from: Vital Earths Shredded Coco Pith, Hydrothermally-changed Dacite (Montmorillonite, Chlorite, Pyrophyllite, Kaolinite)

Also Contains Non-plant Food Ingredients:
Endomycorrhizal fungi spores 1.5 spores/gram each of: Glomus aggregatum, G. etunicatum, G. mosseae; 1.1 spores/gram each of G. intraradices; .3 spores/gram each of G. clarum, G. deserticola, G. monosporus; .2 spores/gram each of Gigaspora margarita, Paraglomus brasilianum; 400 spores/gram of Pisolithus tinctorius; 55 spores/gram each of Scleroderma cepa, S. citrinum; 25 spores/gram each of Rhizopogon amylpogon, R. fulvigleba, R. villosullus, Laccaria laccata; 24 spores/gram each of R. luteolus

Application Rates:
One measure of Vital Earth's® Coco Lite to 5 measures of Vital Earth's® Potting Soil for extra airation and water retention.


For best results, use only with gradual release lower-analysis organic fertilizers. Stronger synthetic fertilizers can harm the mycorrhizal fungi.

Item Specifications
Item Number: 140632
Universal Product Code: 705105043562
Manufacturer: Conscious Earthworks

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