Pure Kapow Gallon

Pure Kapow Gallon


Kapow is the best and safest way we have found to naturally combat mites and other leaf dwelling insects. Kapow combats Mites and other insects by coating the bugs body and literally suffocating them, killing them on contact. Kapow also has a natural pesticide that can be transferred bug to bug, killing them through ingestion as well as contact. Kapow's mixture and benefit of both a non-systemic and systemic attack make it the most effective Natural remedy on the market. It also means we kill the bugs our spray misses direct contact with as well. We extract our insecticide from the core of the lemon grass plant. Our Kapow's Lemon Grass pesticide Oil is safe for your plants, the earth, and loved ones.

Our active ingredient is super refined essential Lemon Grass Oil from India. Lemon Grass is one of the greatest and safest natural Pesticides and Fungicides on the planet. Lemon Grass Oil is also a 25B compliant substance. This means the EPA and Department of Agriculture have listed it as safe for the environment in use as a pesticide. Kapow is strictly a bug and fungicide killer.

Kills all leaf dwelling insects on contact as well as Mildew and molds. No beneficial foliage traits. For serious problems and infestations we recommend saturation of the leaves. Designed for use during fruit and flower but can be used in all stages of growth. The reason we don't have any fish oil in it is that we don't want to green a plant up and keep it growing when it's in the process of dying and sending vital information to its flower to continue its life the following year or ultimately as a delivery system.

*Do not saturate fruit or bud only mist and always spray with lights off until dry for indoor use. Outdoors, spraying anytime is fine but early morning or evening is best. It's okay to saturate leaves indoors or outdoors and in all stages of growth.

Mildew and molds are tough customers. Kapow does a great job as a anti-fungal and as we previously have stated, Kapow's specialized extract of Lemon Grass oil is a great natural anti fungal. Our thinking here at Pure Nutrients was, if we are going to get a plant wet in bug prevention and as a foliage feed, then we better not create an environment for mildew or fungus to grow. Molds and mildews love stress and moisture. Powdery White Mildew is systemic and once part of a plants make-up, its there for life. The best defense is prevention. Kapow is truly a preventative and best used as such

Item Number: 140696
Universal Product Code: 092145465363
Manufacturer: Pure Nutrients Inc.


pdf file MSDS Sheet
pdf file MSDS

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