Nourish-L Pint

Nourish-L Pint

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Nourish improves the nutrient uptake of plants in order to achieve better results and higher yields, increases the plant's ability to retain water and supplements minerals, carbon and other essential elements.

Nourish contains a rare blend of natural carbons. This provides lasting protection for your plants against damaging enviromental factors. The carbon depot contains plant as well as marine animal components which make it moreefficient and better then exclusively vegetative sources.

Initial Dose.........30 ml in 10 litres of water
Follow-up dosage.......... 15ml in 10 litres of water once a week

Growing Media:
Nourish can be used indoors and outdoors with all substrates, hydrocultures, aeroponics, NFT as well as various irrigation and nutrient systems.

Item Specifications
Item Number: 140956
Universal Product Code: 849969006346
Manufacturer: Ecological Laboratories

Additional Documents
pdf file MSDS Sheet

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