Down To Earth Fish Powder 12-1-1 - 5 lb

Down To Earth Fish Powder 12-1-1 - 5 lb


This is the ultimate fertilizer for dramatically improving plant growth. Our Fish Powder is
water soluble, rich in fast acting Nitrogen and effective in soil or foliar applications. This high
quality, enzymatically hydrolyzed fish protein is carefully produced under controlled conditions to
promote maximum nutrient availability and plant uptake. Combine with KelPlex, Humic Acids or
other soluble fertilizers as needed. Nitrogen is an essential element for growing plants and an adequate seasonal supply encourages plenty of shoots, flowers, fruits and vegerables.

Directions For Use:

Fish powder is effective as either a soil drench or as a foliar spray. Best used as a foliar spray in the early morning or late evening. Note:Always pre-mix Fish Powder before using by creating a concentrated solution then adding to your total volume of water needed for coverage

Soil Drench: Use 2-4 Tbsp per gallon of water, 2-5 lbs/acre in sufficient water for coverage for row crops, orchards, vineyards, etc. Begin applications when seeding, transplanting, during active root development or anytime during periods of expected growth. Repeat application three to four time throughout the growing season.

Foliar Spray: Use 1 Tbsp per gallon of water: 2-5lbs/acre in sufficient quantity of water for coverage in row crops, orchards, vineyards, etc. Spray foliage to the point of run-off starting at the 4 leaf stage for vegetables and flowers. Repeat application three to four times throughout the growing season or as needed. Most effective when applied pre-bloom, at early leaf development, and again at fruit set.

Note: DTE Fish Powder is compatible with most types of drip irrigation, fertigation, micro and sprinkler irrigation systems WITH filtration. Agitate prior to treatment and during applications. After treatment flush irrigation lines to prevent possible clogging.

Item Number: 141636
Universal Product Code: 714360121151
Manufacturer: Down To Earth
Manufacturer's Part Number: HGC723710
Brand: Down To Earth

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