BioBizz Alg-a-Mic 1 Liter

BioBizz Alg-a-Mic 1 Liter


ALG-A-MICOrganic Bio-Stimulants

Alg-A-Mic is a revitalizing product made from a high-grade organic seaweed con centrate extracted through cold-press rather than chemical solvents. It contains a high content of trace ele ments and hormones of vegetable ori gin, naturally occurring amino acids, and vitamins catering to the whole spectrum of plants needs. It provides an exuberant green and resistance to diseases.

What you need to know about Alg A Mic

The seaweed five-principle effect on plant growth:
  • Immune system: improves the plant s ability to withstand certain levels of environmental stresses and reduce the attacks and flare-ups of sap-sucking insect pests on the plants.
  • Chlorophyll: provides greater maintenance of chlorophyll, leading to greener plants.
  • Microbes: serves as a source of food for beneficial and benign soil bacteria, resulting in a large increase in microbe numbers.
  • Nematodes: helps reduce nematode damage. This includes a reduction in hatching and a disorientation or simple burn-out of immature nematodes (J2s), minimizing root penetration.
  • Frost initiates or speeds up the acclimatization process even when the plant is not subjected to cold stress. This allows plants to tolerate greater levels of cold, reducing the amount of damage.

Item Number: 141735
International Article Number: 8718403231236
Manufacturer: BioBizz
Manufacturer's Part Number: 200216
Brand: BioBizz


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