BioBizz Root-Juice 10 Liter

BioBizz Root-Juice 10 Liter


ROOTJUICE Organic Bio-Stimulants

RootJuice is a harmonious balance of premium humic and fulvic acids with sea weed especially formulated for organically promoting a vigorous root development, biological life of the radicular system pro ducing an explosive growth. Proper for hydroponic dirt crop and in coconut sub strate, it strengthens crops making them more resistant to diseases.

RootJuice is a 100% vegetable root stimulant that creates:

  • An explosive root growth in already rooted plants through the stimulation of natural soil life surrounding the root system.
  • A better yield due to the ability of the plant to accelerate the nutrient uptake.
  • A higher resistance to high EC-values
  • It produces a strong plant that is resistant to disease and insect attack.
Root Juice

It was originally developed to accelerate the root growth of transplants in soil. However, Root Juice has now become popular in North American deepwater culture hydroponics (including bubbling buckets, and EZ Clone users), and with rock wool growers because of the explosive root growth associated with this product.It has also found favour with Bonsai gardeners in Japan and the USA who need strong roots developed from eco-friendly and organic sources for long-term and sustainable development.

Item Number: 141756
International Article Number: 8718403232455
Manufacturer: BioBizz
Manufacturer's Part Number: HGC722971
Brand: BioBizz


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