Calyx Magnum Quart

Calyx Magnum Quart



At Humboldt Nutrients we don't make new products very often, but when we do we take it to another level. Well, we decided to make the best Calcium Magnesium product in the marketplace and we accomplished just that. With an available 2%(N), 3.4%(Ca), and 1.4%(Mg) + micronutrients, Calyx Magnum gives gardeners vital nutrients needed for plant development and growth. Another huge benefit is that we created Calyx Magnum without the use of chemical chelates like EDTA, which is so prevalent in other Cal Mag products on the market. Instead of chemical chelates like EDTA, Calyx Magnum utilizes plant based amino acids as a chelating agent. This means that Calyx Magnum is biodegradable, making it a better choice for the conscious and sustainable minded gardener.

Calcium plays an important role in the development of plant tissues, root systems, and disease resistance. Magnesium is an essential mineral used in the process of producing chlorophyll, which is in turn important for the process of photosynthesis. Magnesium is also critical for the uptake and migration of phosphorous in plants, making it a major mineral needed for blooming and flowering varieties of plants.


Calyx Magnum can be applied to all crops including hydroponics, vegetable crops, row crops, field crops, trees, vines, ornamentals, gardens and landscaping. Add to fertilizer mix for plants growing in soil, potting mixes, and soil-less rooting media. Calyx Magnum can also be used in foliar sprays. Calyx Magnum can be used by the indoor and outdoor home gardener for all varieties of plants, such as flowers, vegetables, herbs, trees, berries, shrubs, ornamentals, annuals and perennials.

Application rates:

General Application: Use 3-7 ml per gallon of water or nutrient solution.
Foliar Application: Use at a rate of 5ml per gallon of finished foliar solution.

DERIVED FROM: Calcium Nitrate, Calcium Gluconate, Magnesium Nitrate, and Ferrous Sulfate.

Item Number: 141903
Universal Product Code: 091037753526
Manufacturer: Humboldt Nutrients
Manufacturer's Part Number: 722915
Brand: Humboldt Nutrients

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