Roots Organics Coco Mix 1.5 cu ft pallet of 60

Roots Organics Coco Mix 1.5 cu ft pallet of 60


Roots Organics Coco Soilless Mix

A unique formulation of the highest quality coco fiber/Coir on the planet which is repeatedly washed for an incredibly low EC, composted for over twenty-four months, and specially blended with extra long fibers, perlite, and pumice. Lightly amended with a starter charge of organic fertilizers like bat guano, worm castings and kelp, this mix is designed for heavy feeding and high performance in container or hydroponic applications. Coco fiber is a great medium and an excellent replacement for peat moss; it is an environmentally friendly by product, pH stable within the ideal range for nutrient uptake, and because the Lignin content is slow to decompose. Roots Organics Coco soilless mix was created for the gardener who demands higher performance from their plants.

How to use Roots Organics Soiless Media

For best results, use in conjunction with Soul Synthetics nutrients. Roots Organics Soiless Media should be fertilized more than regular soil to fulfill all of your plants requirements through their lifecycle. If the growth rate ever slows down in the middle of your plants' cycle, use a fresh water leaching or a leachimg solution to clear out excess nutrients. It is important to maintain a pH of 5.5 to 6.5 so your plants will be capable of taking in the maximum amount of nutrients most efficiently. If you are not using a re-circulating system, change reservoirs every 7 to 10 days.

Ingredients: Coco fiber, perlite, pumice, worm castings, bat guano, kelp meal, greensand and mycorrhizae

1.5 Cubic feet / 38.6 dry quarts / 42.5 dry liters

Item Number: 142067
Universal Product Code: 609728632045
Manufacturer: Aurora Innovations


pdf file MSDS Sheet

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