Royal Gold Basement Mix 1.5 Cubic Feet pallet of 60

Royal Gold Basement Mix 1.5 Cubic Feet pallet of 60


Royal Gold Basement Mix is unlike any other potting soil on the planet!

Developed through years of research, and perfected in Humboldt County, California, Basement Mix is the highest quality soil mix on the market. Each unique component has been hand selected to ensure the highest quality and consistency. Only lightly charged with organic nutrients, this mix allows the gardener to feed often, supplying all major NPK with any complete nutrient system.

Although Basement Mix was originally developed for "slow drip" drain to waste systems, gardeners have enjoyed success using several other gardening techniques including ebb and flow or top feeding in beds or containers of any size.

Royal Gold has developed Basement Mix over a three year period of extensive field research throughout Humboldt County. Using farmers, gardeners and laboratory analyses we have developed the highest quality organic soil-less mix available on the market. Light charged with organic nutrients and the proper ratios of air to moisture. All known components were sampled for a soil-less mix, and by hand selecting the best, we insure top quality. As each component plays an important role in the quality and consistency of the end product, proportions are measured and mixed with state of the art equipment, which insures premium quality in each bag.

How to use

Basement Mix can be used in any soil-less application. It was originally developed on a drip system feeding once a day into a run to waste system. Any complete organic or refined nutrient will render superior results. While we have seen every type of watering system used in conjunction with Basement Mix, top-feeding with a hose and "wand" is the most prevalent method. Basement Mix works excellent in beds and containers of all kinds.

The best method, follow this procedure and you won't go wrong!

Take a well rooted cutting and place it in a small 4 inch pot. Fill to the rim with Basement Mix. Add enough water to wet the surface (approx. cups). Place under 18-24 hours of light (1000 watt at 5 feet from plants, 400 watt at 3 feet from the plants, fluorescents at 1-6 inches). Feed with a pH balanced complete nutrient system. Begin feeding immediately at full strength when plant reaches 12" tall.

Transplant into larger pots after plants are well established. Let the Basement Mix dry between feedings. If you water the "root ball", not the pot, watering will be every 2-3 days. If you saturate a 3- 5 gallon pot, watering will be delayed to every 4-7 days depending on climatic conditions. Watering cycles will increase as the plant grows. Under normal conditions, waist high plants in three to five gallon pots will need to be watered ever three to five days.

The Basement Mix works well with most popular fertilizing schedules such as Cutting Edge, Advanced Nutrients, or Pure Blend. The Basement Mix is stronger than the average soil-less mixes; however it is designed to be fed on a regular basis with a full complex nutrient program. If you are heavy handed with your feeding schedule, 10%- 25% runoff is recommended. We have seen great results from professional gardeners in beds. In non-draining beds a lighter feeding schedule should be followed. As always, correct environment (75 degrees and less than 40% humidity) as well as your lighting is crucial to success.

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