Klasmann TS 4 Plus Perlite Medium 4.0 cu ft pallet of 25

Klasmann TS 4 Plus Perlite Medium 4.0 cu ft pallet of 25


Klasmann TS 4 Medium plus perlite contains two very select types of peat structure, which create a state-of-the-art mix that is popular with professional growers all over the world. The first of these two peat structures is Sod Peat Fraction 2 which has larger pores that significantly increase air and drainage capacity. Although this type of peat has larger pores, it is still extremely stable and does not break down easily allowing consistency throughout a grow cycle. Secondly TS 4 contains short cut peat fibers. These short cut fibers evenly distribute water in a pot/container. The combination of these two different cuts of peat create a perfect universal blend for all types of growing. Klasmann products contain a proprietary wetting agent called "Hydro S" that allows for more rapid water uptake, optimizes water distribution and has enhanced long-term action. 10% perlite further helps increase aeration and drainage. Klasmann products are RHP certified.

Item Number: 142178
Manufacturer: Klassmann Deilmann

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