CocoTek Natural Mixed Brick - 1.5 lbs case of 24

CocoTek Natural Mixed Brick - 1.5 lbs case of 24


The Natural "Mixed" Brick contains pith, fibers and coconut chips. This blend creates a more diverse and less compact growing medium for increased aeration and drainage.

CocoTek Mixed Brick Organic Growing Media CocoTek coconut brick is a compressed brick of low sodium coconut coir mixed with coconut husk chips. Growers are generally encouraged to mix CocoTek Organic Growing Medium with Hydroton (clay pellets), also work well when combined with other hydroponic media in various proportions. Like our new coir brick, our new and improved coir/chip mixed brick absorbs moisture more quickly and is more compressed, yielding the same volume of media as our old larger sized brick in the end. Try this brick for superior structure in your media.

Compressed bricks of ground coconut fiber. Add one brick to about two gallons of water and the brick breaks apart to make a good growing media for plants. The mix can be added to Hydroton to increase moisture retention in non-re-circulating systems or used to fill 10x20 tray inserts for propagation. This is a major step forward in hydroponic media technology. This is the first "organic" medium which offers top-performance in modern hydroponic applications. Coconut fiber offers many unique advantages - it maintains a larger oxygen capacity than the finest rockwool. It offers superior water holding capacity to rockwool, a real advantage for intermittent irrigation systems. Coconut fiber is not a biohazard or disposal problem like rockwool - it is completely natural and not environmentally aggressive as rockwool is. Coconut fiber contains organic compounds which other hydroponic media lack. When coconuts float around in the oceans for months they are still able to sprout roots upon becoming beached - extraordinary natural chemistry - very high in rooting hormones. Coconut fiber also offers a measure of protection against root diseases including fungus infestation. Coconut fiber is a completely renewable resource, unlike peat moss which is rapidly becoming depleted from overuse. Dutch growers are finding that by blending a mix of 50% coconut fiber with 50% Grorox clay pebbles they achieve the perfect organic-hydroponic media. This blend is rapidly gaining favor with the biggest Dutch growers when used in Dutch Pots - a simple but powerful technology. One note of caution; there is a lower grade of coconut fiber which can lead to disappointing results when used for hydroponic cultivation - coconut fiber which is high in sodium (sea salt), and which is very fine grained lowering the oxygen content within the fiber when irrigated. This lower grade of coconut fiber is becoming more and more available at garden supply shops and is fine when blended with good potting soil - not so good for hydroponics. We only offer the finest grade of coconut fiber, in fact the fiber we sell is the only coconut fiber which can be used in Holland by commercial growers who purchase crop protection insurance - Yes, believe it or not, the big growers will buy insurance to protect their enterprises against crop failure - a million dollar loss could financially ruin commercial growers and they have learned the hard way that insurance is a good investment - we only offer the coconut fiber and Grorox that the Dutch growers use.

Item Number: 142259
Universal Product Code: 793094032131
Manufacturer: General Hydroponics
Manufacturer's Part Number: 3213

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