Nutrilife Heavy Weight 1 Liter

Nutrilife Heavy Weight 1 Liter


Heavy Weight is a product developed to be used during the flowering stages of a plant's life. Will help increase the mass of the flower bud during the critical development stage. Include with your regular nutrient feed program in the 3rd, 5th and 6th week of flowering. Give your plants the boost they need to become great plants.

How it Works :
The purpose of fertilization is to feed soil micro-organisms, enrich the soil and supply essential nutrients which supports the growth and development of plants. Heavy Weight can provide a nutrient source in fertility programs that is beneficial to soil micro-organisms and can reduce their energy expenditure to seek out nutrient sources required for growth and development. The micro-organisms digest matter in the soil and supply ready to use plant nutrients.

This way the plant spends its energy conservatively and can simply focus that energy on fruit and flower development. Heavy Weight was created as a soil food for this purpose but also contains potassium which is critical to normal plant growth. Heavy Weight is a product developed to be used just prior to and during the flowering stage of plant growth. Nitrogen MUST be combined with hydrogen, oxygen and carbon in order to form the proteins required to develop new plant tissues.

Dr. Arden Anderson has commented: "Nitrogen alone does not constitute protein or guarantee its eventual participation in a protein molecule. The other building block, the carbohydrates, plus the phosphate catalyst, must be present with the nitrogen, thus the addition of carbohydrate to fertilizer." The phosphate cycle is the primary driving catalyst in all living things and is essential for photosynthesis. Carbohydrates in the form of specific sugars are an essential component of the nutrient source for micro-organisms in the soil and Heavy Weight can be the primary food source for these critical micro-organisms living in the soil.

As the sugars are converted to a food source by bio-digestion, the effectiveness of phosphate increases by as much as 100 times over using phosphate alone and new roots are formed allowing the plant to feed faster and utilize the existing nutrients in the soil much faster. Heavy Weight provides this soil nutrient source.

Application Rates:

Apply in the 3rd, 5th and 6th week of flowering.

All Applications. Add 1 tsp per gallon (5 ml per 4 litres) of nutrient solution.

Heavy Weight is a safe non-toxic product and is safe to use on consumable or food plants.

Item Number: 142563
Universal Product Code: 674193007018
Manufacturer: Nutrilife Plant Products
Manufacturer's Part Number: 001-HEWE-01000
Brand: Nutrilife


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