Nutrilife SR-71 4 Liter

Nutrilife SR-71 4 Liter


SR-71 is a scientifically formulated product designed to be used at all stages of a plant's life from propagation thru growth phase and right up until flowering. It provides a complete array of organic and inorganic compounds, coenzymes and additives often missing in growing media and other plant foods that helps help maximize the growth of plants. SR71 supplies all the things your plants need and don't get with a regular nutrient. SR-71 also promotes the development of beneficial micro-organisms in the growing media.

How it Works:

We believe SR-71 will assist in regeneration of the soil and any growing media. Traditional hydroponics fertility programs and soils burned out by chemical fertilizers lack critical biological and organic substances. Many of these substances benefit fertility levels, timely maturing, productions levels, taste, smell as well as chemical and nutritional composition. SR-71 was developed to supplement traditional fertilizers. Does it replace your usual organic or inorganic nutrients? No - it builds on them.
A "complete" approach to plant fertility needs to be taken when growing plants in soilless mixes, water culture, coir, jiffy plugs etc. when no real soil from the outdoors is present or on soils that are highly depleted because of years of growing without replenishing the nutrients. This is where SR-71 can be helpful. SR-71 helps improve the soil this helping the plant utilize existing minerals and elements by making them more readily available.

Another factor often ignored by inorganic fertilizing programs is the presence of beneficial microorganisms in the root zone. Beneficial micro-organisms in the root zone provide a whole array of compounds, which a plant wouldn't be able to produce or absorb on its own. SR-71 helps stimulate growth of micro-organisms and provides phosphorus and potassium.

Scientific and field data indicates plants not only utilize organic molecular complexes from their environment, but require these complexes to reach their maximum growth and production potentials. SR-71 was created to alleviate these missing things.

  • Works in conjunction with your normal fertilizing program.
  • Provides organic and inorganic matter and specific plant enzymes to foster vigorous root growth
  • Helps to increases flowering and fruiting, as well as aiding in root development.
  • Provides increased plant growth and vigor because the root system will be stronger.

SR-71 can be used at any stages of plant growth.

Application Rates:

Propagation & Transplant:

5 ml. per litre.

Stressed Plants:

3 ml. per litre.

General application for all plants-all growing methods:

1 ml. per litre every watering.

Item Number: 142572
Universal Product Code: 674193016027
Manufacturer: Nutrilife Plant Products
Manufacturer's Part Number: 001-SR71-04000
Brand: Nutrilife


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