Earthworms Prepaid Certificate (200 minimum) pack of 5

Earthworms Prepaid Certificate (200 minimum) pack of 5

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These are prepaid certificates that you can redeem for a shipment of beneficial insects from Orcon Organics

Earthworms (Red Wrigglers - Eisenia fetida) help keep the soil loose - they're Mother Nature's very own spade! These little guys eat and burrow 24 hours a day. All of this tunneling aerates the soil (getting oxygen to the roots), allows for easier root growth and improves water retention. And they speed up the decomposition process in cold composting. They are shipped as Bed-Run, which means there will be a variety of sizes and life stages in each pound. Use them in the garden or in worm composting.

Item Specifications
Item Number: 142577
Universal Product Code: 045501041220
Manufacturer: Orcon Organic Control Inc.
Manufacturer's Part Number: EWCERT
Brand: Orcon

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