Gavita Pro 300 Light Emitting Plasma 02 AC - Full Spectrum Light

Gavita Pro 300 Light Emitting Plasma 02 AC - Full Spectrum Light

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The Gavita Pro 300 LEP AC produces light with an extreme high CRI of 94. The closed air cooled (AC) version requires forced cooling. The AC version is installed in a 150 mm pipe, enabling easy installation of flexible ducting. It can be used for simulation of sunlight conditions in climate rooms (41.02 emitter), to provide additional spectrum lighting in greenhouses. The Gavita Pro 300 LEP ACis a solid state horticultural plasma light fixture. There are no moving parts in the fully sealed housing, improving the reliability. The glass wide spectrum filter allows for low quantities UVA and UVB light to pass while shielding you and your corp form UVC. The MIRO aluminum reflector delivers an even square light pattern. Housing sealed with Gor-Tex ventilation plug. Coverage area at 1 ft distance is 3 ft x 3 ft and at 1 ft 4 in distance is a 4 ft x 4f t coverage area. 906060 has 17,000 lumens, 300 Mol/sec, 30K lamp life and 5600K color that has a higher red content. 906065 has 21,000 lumens, 310 Mol/sec, 50K lamp life and 5750K color that has a higher blue content. This is a 300 watt fixture with 1.25 amps at 240 Volts. Suitable for 120-240 Volt. 16 ft cord with Wieland RST and NEMA 5-15 plug.

Item Specifications
Item Number: 142644
Manufacturer: Gavita

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