Agrowtek GrowControlTM Wind Sensor Kit with Weather Transmitter

Agrowtek GrowControlTM Wind Sensor Kit with Weather Transmitter


GrowControl precision wind anemometer and direction vane precisely monitor wind speed and direction. Connect to Agrowtek s GrowControl controllers to monitor weather and control equipment. Wind Speed Anemometer: Wind speed anemometer with 3 cup rotor masures wind speeds from 1 to 125 MPH. Extremely rugged for harsh conditions and sensitive to the slightest breeze. Simple two-wire connection to transmitter. Wind Direction Vane: Wind vane uses German Hall effect sensor for precision and durability. Many potentiometer type wind vanes have a dead spot of several degrees, friction from the sensor and a defined life span. Agrowtek's wind vanes have zero dead band, are near-zero friction and have a theoretical infinate life. Weather Transmitter: Connect the wind anemometer and direction vanes to Agrowtek's Weather Transmitter. The weather transmitter is then connected to a GrowControl controller to display the readings and control equipment. Agrowtek's outdoor temperature sensor and sunlight sensor may be connected to the weather transmitter to complete the weather station. Anemometer and direction vane include mounting brackets and 25 ft of outdoor rated cable. Extend sensor wires up to 100 ft from transmitter. Mount transmitter indoors up to 2,000 ft from controller.

Item Number: 143030
Universal Product Code: 813474020432
Manufacturer: Agrowtek

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