Organic Bountea Fungal Activator 5 lb

Organic Bountea Fungal Activator 5 lb


A specialized compost tea catalyst. Boosts the growth of beneficial fungi - greatly increases their concentration and resilience. Creates a fungally dominant compost tea beneficial for plants with fibrous or woody stems. Use to pretreat humus for more prolific fungal growth. Beneficial fungi increase the plants uptake of essential nutrients (P,K, and Ca) and sequesters CO2 into the soil. Helps plants develop flowers and fruit.
  • Creates compost tea rich in beneficial fungi
  • Specially formulated for "woody" stemmed plants such as tomatoes, trees, shrubs, and perennials
  • Includes special proprietary ingredients to boost fungal growth

A specialist part of the Bountea Growing System
A superior compost tea fungal catalyst

Item Number: 143040
Manufacturer: Soil Health Solutions
Manufacturer's Part Number: 739708
Brand: Organic Bountea

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