Emerald Harvest Cali Pro Grow B Gallon/3.8 Liter (4/Cs)

Emerald Harvest Cali Pro Grow B Gallon/3.8 Liter (4/Cs)


Reach the full genetic potential of your crops with Emerald Harvest® Cali Pro® Grow A & B and Cali Pro® Bloom A & B, our complete 2-part base nutrient series. Cali Pro® is a nitrogen-rich fertilizer that nourishes your high-yield, indoor-grown crops with the essential elements they need to develop strong stalks and stems and support a robust harvest. Cali Pro® is rich in phosphorus, potassium and other essential plant nutrients needed for vigorous fruiting and flowering. It also contains trace elements such as chelated iron, cobalt, manganese and zinc. Use Cali Pro® Grow A & B during the vegetative stage.

Item Number: 143314
Universal Product Code: 859041005730
Manufacturer: Emerald Harvest
Manufacturer's Part Number: HGC723906
Brand: Emerald Harvest

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