Emerald Harvest Cal-Mag 1/2 Gallon

Emerald Harvest Cal-Mag 1/2 Gallon

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Keep your plants productive and green with Cal-Mag, a calcium-magnesium supplement from Emerald Harvest. Containing top-quality ingredients, Cal-Mag is designed to nourish crops with extra calcium and magnesium and create the right conditions for abundant flowering and a heavy yield. This is especially important when growing in some media, such as coco coir, but any garden can benefit.

Growers use calcium-magnesium supplements to strengthen their plants and correct nutritional deficiencies inherent to some popular growing media. Calcium regulates growth and encourages plant development, while magnesium is essential for chlorophyll production, so your garden gets enough energy from light. Magnesium also activates enzymes your valuable plants need to uptake nutrients.

Use Cal-Mag as a supplement to a base nutrient series for guaranteed professional results.

Cal-Mag | 2-0-0

Total nitrogen 2.0%
0.1% ammoniacal nitrogen
1.9% nitrate nitrogen
Calcium 3.0%
Magnesium 0.5%

Derived from calcium nitrate, magnesium, sulfate, calcium acetate, magnesium acetate and kelp extract

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Item Number: 143337
Universal Product Code: 859041005587
Manufacturer: Emerald Harvest

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