FloraFlex 1/4 in 2 mm Gravity Drippers Bag of 6

FloraFlex 1/4 in 2 mm Gravity Drippers Bag of 6


This interchangeable dripper is designed with a self-cleansing, tortuous path, which slows the water as it is delivered at a uniformed rate from the reservoir of a Flood & Drip Shield. Since there is no pressure applied other than gravity, these drippers have been tagged The World s Slowest Drippers. Deliver water and nutrients straight to the root zone of your plants with the subsurface design, which allows the drops to fall 3/4 inch below the surface and dispense out of the three slots at its bottom. Slowly deliver water and nutrients to your plants with the 1 mm or 2 mm pressure-compensating tortuous path. Reusable and made from BPA and lead-free plastic.

Item Number: 143404
Universal Product Code: 851054006223
Manufacturer: FloraFlex

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