Sentinel EVC-1 Environmental Controller

Sentinel EVC-1 Environmental Controller


Temperature Humidity & CO2 . What do they have in common? They are all environmental conditions inside a growing area that need to be controlled for successful gardening.

The EVC-1 Environmental Controller controls all that and more. If you want a simple-to-use and reliable controller without spending hundreds of $, check out the EVC-1.

The EVC-1 provides extreme flexibility in a reliable solid-state environmental controller. Selectable CO2, Temperature and Humidity modes allow the user to control temperature & humidity separately or together. Built in photocell activates CO2 device during the day. Night device outlet can control an exhaust fan / sulfur burner etc. NOTE: A CO2 monitor or cycle timer would also be needed with this unit if you are planning to run CO2.

Item Number: 199987
Warranty: 36 Months With Receipt
Manufacturer: Sentinel Global Products Solutions
Brand: Sentinel
Model Number: EVC-1


pdf file Sentinel EVC-1 User's Guide
pdf file Instruction Manual

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