Sentinel UTC-1 Universal Temperature Controller

Sentinel UTC-1 Universal Temperature Controller


Temperature how important is temperature control inside a growing area? It should be the first priority when considering how the area will be setup. Some people in warmer climates have turned to rather expensive cooling methods such as air-conditioners. Air conditioners all have a "thermostat" to keep the temperature fairly close to the desired level. But the built-in thermostats are seriously limited in performance, even the newer digital controls allow ONLY one set point. A problem if you want to have different Day and Night temperatures.

Another simpler (and cheaper) temperature control method for people in cooler climates is to use ventilation fans to remove the hot & humid air and bring dryer & cooler air into the growing area. To control the fan, a thermostat is used. The thermostat will turn the fan ON and OFF automatically as required. Again a problem if you want to have different Day and Night temperatures.

The UTC-1 Universal Temperature Controller solves that and other problems while taking temperature control and monitoring to the next level for a variety of set-ups.

Simple to use, 100% DIGITAL temperature controller. Photocell allows separate Day and night temperature settings. Record & recall minimum and maximum temperature & humidity levels. Features a Heating or Cooling mode with adjustable dead band and 16 ft remote probe.

Item Number: 199988
Warranty: 36 Months With Receipt
Manufacturer: Sentinel Global Products Solutions
Manufacturer's Part Number: UTC-1
Brand: Sentinel
Model Number: UTC-1


pdf file Sentinel UTC-1 User's Guide
pdf file Instruction Manual

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