Rare Earth 1.5 Pound

Rare Earth 1.5 Pound

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Dry Premium Blend Organic Minerals & Humates Rare Earth is derived from ancient seabed deposits of pyrophyllitic clay that are blended with fulvate ore. By slowly releasing silicon, humates, and organic rare earth minerals, Rare Earth allows a crystal matrix to develop within growing plant tissue that protects the plant from heat stress and nutrient extremes by generating a protective silicon shield. This also deters fungal disease and reduces susceptibility to insect damage by "hardening" the plant. Use Rare Earth by blending it with rooting media, and either top-dressing around the plant stem or adding it directly to nutrient solutions.

How do I use Rare Earth?
Rare Earth can be used in a hydroponic reservoir or mixed in with soil and soil-less media. Use Rare Earth along with your normal fertilizing program. For hydroponics and aeroponics, place Rare Earth into reservoir or irrigation system using provided tea bag. For soil and soil-less media, mix rare earth directly into medium mix.

When do I use the Rare Earth?
You use Rare Earth for the entire life of the plant.

What will Rare Earth do for my plants?
Rare Earth will provide silicate, fulvate ore, plus over 70 other minerals that aid plants natural defense systems against environmental stresses (heat, drought, etc).

Where will I see the results?
Plants will not show signs of stress (no wilting from drought, no hanging from heat, etc).

Why should I use Rare Earth?
Rare Earth should be used to increase the success of crops in growing environments that are less than perfect.

Item Specifications
Item Number: 211221
Manufacturer: General Hydroponics

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