Solar Revolution Circular Light Mover - 4-arm (3-4 lights)

Solar Revolution Circular Light Mover - 4-arm (3-4 lights)


The Solar Revolution designed and manufactured by AHL, is a state of the art, low profile circular light mover that can rotate one to four grow lights. Our unique design allows the gardener to add capacity as needed-the standard unit will rotate one or two lights, while the simple addition of cross bars allows the unit to rotate up to four lights without having to buy a whole new rotator. Another Solar Revolution benefit is that there is no need to cut any lamp cord or do any hard wiring. Our new-age design rotates the lamp(s) 355 in one direction, then reverses course to provide even garden light coverage. The Solar Revolution is extremely durable and is crafted from only the finest materials. From high stress bearings and instrument grade motors, to all-metal housing and aluminum arms, nothing was overlooked in the quest for reliable performance. Each and every unit is hand built and factory tested before leaving our shop to ensure consistent quality and trouble free operation.


Features & Benefits

  • no need to cut or hardwire lamp cords
  • easy to expand to move up to four lights
  • best solution for blending high pressure sodium & metal halide light
  • extremely low power consumption
  • heavy duty all-metal construction won't crack or break


Light Coverage Area:2' x 2' to 14' x 14'
Arm span:7' 8"
Motor Housing Dimensions:4" x 4" x 4"
Power Consumption:5.5 Watts
Rotation:355 clockwise
355 counter-clockwise
Speed:1/2 revolution per minute
Rotation Time:2 minutes
Maximum Weight per Arm:35 lbs
Number of Arms:2 or 4
Number of Lights:1 to 4

Item Number: 232011
Warranty: 24 Months With Receipt
Guarantee: 30 Day Money Back With Receipt

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