Super Sprouter 72 Cell Plug Tray, Square Holes

Super Sprouter 72 Cell Plug Tray, Square Holes


Use this insert to hold up to 72 rockwool multiblocks so that you don't get a mess of tangled delicate roots. Seeds started in bulk often get planted too close and the roots end up getting entangled and damage is done to the delicate roots during transplanting. This insert eliminates that risk ensuring that all your starts are healthy and vigorous.

Approximate size: 21" x 11" x 2"

This insert is not a perfect fit to any of the trays or domes we offer because it was designed to be used without a bottom tray. May not seal air-tight.

Item Number: 241181
Universal Product Code: 870883008659
Manufacturer: Myers Land & Garden
Manufacturer's Part Number: PLU072S0
Brand: ITML Horticultural Products

Pack of 100
Price: $254.00
$2.54 (ea)

In Stock

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