Fast-Gro Propagation Heat Mat 11 x 24 inch

Fast-Gro Propagation Heat Mat 11 x 24 inch

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Fast-Gro bottom heating propagation mats keep soil warm to aid in indoor germination and prevent rotting when soil temperature drops below 60 F. The flexible heater mat is hermetically sealed in plastic and comes with a 5' power cord. The Fast-Gro heating mat costs just pennies a day to operate, but gives you all the advantages of the larger industrial models: Germinate seeds faster - ideal for starting seedlings! Grow plants up to 3 times faster! Keep soil temperature 15 to 20 degrees above room temperature - helps prevent root rot! Perfect for use in cooler window boxes - saves on heating bills! Water resistant construction - spills just wipe off! Greenhouse tests have shown that identical plants, cared for in exactly the same way, will grow up to three times faster when their roots are kept warm. In fact, if the air temperature is as low as 50 degrees, plants without root zone heating don't grow at all while those that do have root zone heating continue to thrive and grow! Thermal Comfort Corporation

Item Specifications
Item Number: 241183
Guarantee: Non Returnable Item
Manufacturer: Thermal Comfort Corporation

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