Docs Liquid Carbon Grow Gallon

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Doc's Liquid Carbon is a revolutionary formula that reduces mineral nutrients to molecules, phospholipids, carbon and sugars which are absorbed straight into the roots. Plants no longer need to waste energy by converting energy from one form to another. This will result in faster vegetative growth with higher yield. Doc's Liquid Carbon provides a ready to use source of energy identical to the energy source normally provided through photosynthesis. Bottom line, fertilizers perform better and plants achieve more growth and yield. One gallon of Doc's Simple Solutions Liquid Carbon will super charge over 500 gallons of finished fertilizer mix! Liquid Carbon makes plants produce sooner and longer! Liquid Carbon presents nutrients in a form that plants can use and a ready reserve of energy for increased metabolism and maximum growth yield.

Item Specifications
Item Number: 370320
Guarantee: Non Returnable Item
Manufacturer: Doc's Simple Solutions

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