1000 Watt Super Spectrum Sun System 7 Ballast

1000 Watt Super Spectrum Sun System 7 Ballast


The market has demanded redder burning halides and bluer burning sodiums and paying huge premiums for nominal amounts of color improvement (versus standard lamps). With this in mind, our position is that to truly get full-spectrum HID light, the blue spectrum of metal halide must be blended with the red spectrum for high pressure sodium. When this is done, the spectrum of the fixture is unparalleled by any single lamp source. Also, because standard metal halide and HPS lamps are used, the fixture is very affordable!
To illustrate our point on this, we employed Photo Research Inc. of Chatsworth, California - Certified Test Report # NW1152 to test the fixture (an 800 watt unit) three ways:
#1 - To get a color spectragraph of the MS 400/hor metal halide lamp burning by itself.
#2 - To get a color spectragraph of a 400 HPS lamp burning by itself.
#3 - To get a color spectragraph of both the halide and sodium lamp burning simultaneously.
As can be seen, the results are dramatic, the two lamps compliment each other to achieve a very broad band of spectrum coverage.
For maximum results and productivity in your growing, proper spectrum lighting is essential. The Super Spectrum Fixture is a combination of top quality components, high lumen levels and unmatched spectrum coverage make it the ultimate HID plant growth lighting fixture.

NOTE: The Sun System 7 Super Spectrum Fixture is now sold a la carte.
Order the Super Spectrum Reflector and 2 "Short" Socket Assemblies separately.

800 watt: 1 MS400 halide + 1 HPS400 = 87,500 lumens
1000 watt: 1 MS400 halide + 1 HPS600 =130,000 lumens

Item Number: 380466
Warranty: 60 Months With Receipt
Guarantee: 30 Day Money Back With Receipt
Manufacturer: Sunlight Supply
Manufacturer's Part Number: 901965

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