Sun System Spectra Max 246 - Lamps Sold Separately

Sun System Spectra Max 246 - Lamps Sold Separately


This system is sold without lamps, order 1 - 150 watt sodium lamp and 4 24 watt 6500K fluorescent lamps.

The Sun System Spectra Max 246 Grow Light is a high output T5 fluorescent combined with a 150 watt sodium light to get a broad spectrum of light. Each system comes with 95% reflective aluminum for maximum light output. They have separate on/off switches for the fluorescent and sodium lights. The two foot fixture accepts 4 - 24 watt fluorescents and 1 - 150 watt sodium light. It measures 23 long, 14-1/4 wide and 4 inches tall. Total lumens is 24,000 with 246 watts of power.

The Spectra Max combines the red spectrum of high pressure sodium (2200K) with the blue spectrum of T5 HO lamps (6500K) a complete light spectrum your plants will love. The ultimate full spectrum light fixture! These fixtures are made with the finest quality materials including:
Major brand ballasts
95% reflective German aluminum reflectors
Durable powder coated steel body
Slotted & louvered for cool operation
2 on/off switches that allow you to control the HPS lamp(s)& fluorescents independently of each other
Run on 120 volt power only
Fixture is priced without lamps. Purchase your choice of lamps separately.

Spectra Max 246 (2')
Accommodates 1 - 150 watt HPS lamp (medium base) and 4 - 24 watt (2 ft) T5 HO - 6500K lamps
246 total watts
24,000 total lumens
Dimensions: 231/8" Long x 14" Wide x 41/8" Tall

Item Number: 381052
Manufacturer: Sunlight Supply
Manufacturer's Part Number: 901490

This item is not available to order. Browse our items available to order.

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