New Wave 42 - T5 Fluorescent - 4 Foot, 2 Lamp Fixture

New Wave 42 - T5 Fluorescent - 4 Foot, 2 Lamp Fixture

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The lamps for this system must be ordered separately

The New Wave T5 4 foot fluorescent grow lights are high output and very efficient lights.

Each bulb emits 5000 lumens of light using only 54 watts of power yielding 92 lumens per watt! This is more than some halide and sodium lamps. The fixtures have a 95% reflective aluminum reflector so most of the light is sent down on the plants. The ballasts are electronic solid state and operate very quietly. Comes with two chrome "V" hooks for hanging (chain not included). The fixtures weigh only 11 pounds. The lamps are available in cool, 6500 Kelvin and warm, 3000 Kelvin. The cool lamps emit a more natural blue light and work well for plants with lots of foliage. The warm lamps are more yellow-orange in color and work well for seed starting and flowering plants.

New Wave T5 4 Ft - 2 Lamp - 10,000 Lumens, Measures 47" x 6" x 3-1/2"

Item Specifications
Item Number: 381095
Universal Product Code: 870883007096
Manufacturer: Sunlight Supply
Manufacturer's Part Number: 960195

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