1000 Watt Sodium/Halide Switchable Super Sun 2 Grow Light System

1000 Watt Sodium/Halide Switchable Super Sun 2 Grow Light System


The Super Sun 2 Grow Light System includes a bulb, ballast, and reflector. The Super Sun 2 is an air-cooled system with six inch flanges on each end of the reflector. It has very high airflow for maximum cooling. Cleaning the glass is much easier than cylinder systems and larger reflectors. The glass measures 22 x 13 inches so it's easy to handle. The socket wiring is fully enclosed for protection from UV light leading to longer life. This new reflector is modeled after the original high output Super Sun reflector. It has very good light reflection and even light distribution. It's made with 95% reflective aluminum on the inside. Using insulated ducting is recommended for air-cooled systems to reduce noise and keep heat from escaping. The reflectors measure 26-1/4" long, 13" wide and 8" tall. The lamp cord is 15' long and the power cord is 6' long. Many growers use a halide system for the beginning stages for growth and switch to a sodium for flowering.

The Sun System 10 Ballasts are the low cost option for the grower on a budget. They operate the same as other ballast with the same efficiency. They have rubber feet to reduce vibration noise.

  • Die cast aluminum housing
  • Louvers for cooling
  • Rubber feet
  • Multi-volt ballast
  • 8 ft. grounded power cord
  • White powder coated finish
  • Printed UPS shippable carton
  • High temperature domestic
  • Now with 120 / 240 Volt power selector

The Sun System Switchable Ballasts can run halide or sodium bulbs just by flipping a switch. The 1000 watt systems use a standard 1000 sodium ballast and the switch disconnects the ignitor. For the 400 watt systems, a special ballast is required because the voltage difference between the halide and sodium is too large. The open circuit voltage for the standard halide 1000 is 430 volts and 435 volts for a sodium 1000. A standard halide 400 has an open circuit voltage of 300 volts but the sodium 400 is only 190 volts. So the 400 watt switchable systems switch the ignitor and change the lamp tap on the transformer too.

Item Number: 390425
Warranty: 12 Months Bulb 60 Months System With Receipt
Guarantee: 30 Day Money Back With Receipt
Manufacturer: Sunlight Supply

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