Buried Treasure Liquid Guano Flavor Invigorator Flyer

Buried Treasure Liquid Guano Flavor Invigorator Flyer


Buried Treasure® Liquid Guano Flavor Invigorator Flyer explains why adding complexity to the aroma and flavor of your plants is important. Generally, synthetic fertilizers are more readily available and take less thought and management to use, yet lack the diverse components found in organics. That is the very reason a product like Buried Treasure® Liquid Guano is such a great compliment to synthetic base fertilizers. This flyer covers the difference between the liquid quano verses the dry guano as well. It also explains micronutrients and why they are import and much more. Fits nicely into the Sunlight Supply® Catalog Racks.

Item Number: 403488
Manufacturer's Part Number: 300210
Brand: Buried Treasure

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