Nectar for the Gods One Shot 4 lb

Nectar for the Gods One Shot 4 lb


One Shot is a soil amendment for super soil style gardening. One Shot is a blend of natural ingredients that are ground into fine powders and held together with a molasses binder in small pellets. The molasses activates and encourages microbial activity in the soil to consume the pellets in a slow fashion. One Shot is designed to last the entire season, but not much longer. Also great for reconditioning recycled soils and adding to super soil recipes. Ingredients: Worm castings, ferrous sulfate, bone meal, fish bone meal, kelp extract, alfalfa meal, feather meal, kelp meal, rock dust, soybean meal, natural calcite (limestone), beneficial bacteria and fungi, and molasses.

Item Number: 404754
Universal Product Code: 812863010276
Manufacturer: Oregon's Only Organics
Manufacturer's Part Number: 746346
Brand: Nectar for the Gods

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