FoxFarm BushDoctor Manganese Gallon


You probably think you've covered all your bases: your NPK is on point, your pH is dialed in, and there isn't a pest in sight. Sounds good, but did you know that plants without Manganese can suffer? This important micronutrient plays a valuable role in photosynthesis, nitrogen assimilation and helping plants hold their own against environmental stresses. Prepare Your Plants To Perform! BushDoctor® Manganese contains 5% Manganese (Mn).


Item Number: 404937
Universal Product Code: 752289520037
Manufacturer: FoxFarm Soil & Fertilizer Company
Manufacturer's Part Number: 732846
Brand: Fox Farm

Not for sale in the following location(s): HI, MD, MN, PR.


FoxFarm BushDoctor Manganese Gallon
Price: $91.67


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