Sure Test Commercial pH / EC / TDS / ORP Lab Meter

Sure Test Commercial pH / EC / TDS / ORP Lab Meter


The Sure Test® Commercial Lab Meter offers the ultimate in precision and accuracy. Dependably measure pH and conductivity (EC or TDS or Salt) and temperature (ºF or ºC) with ease. It also has the ability to measure oxidation reduction potential (ORP) with the optional ORP probe (#716398, sold separately), which is very useful when incorporating sanitizers (ozone, quaternary salts, hypochlorous acid, etc.) into your grow regimen. The meter uses automatic temperature compensation (ATC) for more precise readings of all parameters. Comes with replaceable conductivity probe (#716394), replaceable pH probe (#716392, resolution of 0.01 and an impressive pH accuracy of +/- 0.02) and a 100v power supply and probe holder.

Item Number: 405698
Universal Product Code: 849969028898
Manufacturer's Part Number: HGC716390
Brand: Sure Test

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