GH Ripen Gallon


A forcing solution, General Hydroponics® Ripen® is a late stage nutrient that can be used to speed up the final stages of fruiting and flowering. Ripen® is particularly useful for outdoor plants where bad weather threatens to ruin a harvest, or for indoor plants suffering from a disease or pest problem to enable at least part of the crop to be salvaged. It will create a strong signal in the plant that it is coming to the end of its lifecycle and needs to fruit or flower, so you will often see the leaves turning yellow as the fruit and flowers grow rapidly. GH Ripen® will ensure that any micronutrients or nitrates being stored in the plant are used, which will improve the taste of the crop. Please note that Ripen® is a complete nutrient and not just an additive, and should be used instead of your nutrient solution for the last week or two of flowering. It is suitable for use in hydro, coco, or soil.

Item Number: 406155
Universal Product Code: 793094019217
Manufacturer: General Hydroponics
Manufacturer's Part Number: 737208
Brand: General Hydroponics


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