Gavita Pro 270e LEP Grow CA (41.02 emitter) 347 Volt

Gavita Pro 270e LEP Grow CA (41.02 emitter) 347 Volt


Our Light Emitting Plasma (LEP) fixture is available as a full spectrum source, almost exactly like the sun, or as a supplemental spectrum to fill in the spectrum that HPS lacks. Both include UVA and UVB by using a UV transmitting glass filter. With a lifetime of 30,000 (full spectrum) to 50,000 hours (supplemental spectrum) the Gavita Pro 270e LEP ensures great return of investment. The Pro 270e LEP is equipped with a Master Controller input to be able to switch the fixture on and off together with your HPS e-series fixtures. Control your HPS and plasma fixtures with one simple push of a button: switch, dim and boost your HPS fixtures and switch your LEP fixtures. Includes 3 way control cable splitter (3xRJ14) and two interconnect/drop cable 1.5m/5 ft (RJ14/RJ14). The LEP 41.01 Sup is the perfect supplemental light to combine with HPS in any stage of plant growth. Only use the full spectrum LEP (41.02 GROW) for high quality sunlight simulation, for example for preserving genetics.

Item Number: 406704
Manufacturer: Gavita
Manufacturer's Part Number: 906041
Brand: Gavita

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