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EcoPlus Water Wind Micro Bubble Air Diffuser Ring 8 in

EcoPlus Water Wind Micro Bubble Air Diffuser Ring 8 in


EcoPlus® Water Wind® Micro Bubble Air Diffusers are great for oxygenating hydroponic bucket systems, tanks and reservoirs. The high performance EcoPlus® Diffuser Rings are designed for higher oxygen transfer rates as compared to a traditional air stones. This construction of the tubing is made from a rubber polymer and utilizes tiny pores that create extremely small bubble diameters. The smaller the bubbles are the more efficiently it transfers oxygen into the water which makes this unit highly effective for water aeration. These EcoPlus® Water Wind® Micro Bubble Air Diffuser Rings require minimal maintenance and will last for years. 12 and 8 in rings come with 3/8 in inlet fitting and the 6 in comes with a 1/4 in inlet fitting. All models include 3 suction cups to secure Rings to your desired location. Required airflow (appx) 6 in: 0.7 CFM (19.8 LPM) 8 in: 0.9 CFM (25.5 LPM) 12 in: 1.3CFM (36.8 LPM).

Item Number: 406960
Universal Product Code: 849969008890
Manufacturer: Sunlight Supply
Manufacturer's Part Number: 728219
Brand: Eco Plus

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